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About ST Truffle Extract

About ST Truffle Extract

ST truffle essence

SuperTruffe Truffle Essence is a health food supplement produced by Japan biotech company ST Co., Ltd. Its main ingredient is based on cultivated truffle mycelium, which is developed in collaboration with Niigata Pharmaceutical University over 10 years of research.

This patented production technology breaks the long-standing global precedent that truffles cannot be cultured. This production technology has been proved by DNA experiments and has obtained patent licenses in Japan, Europe, the United States and other countries. The studies have shown that the intake of the cultured truffle mycelium would help increase the DHEA level in the blood. DHEA is a a basic material for male and female hormones; thus, it could help to regulate hormones and prevent aging.

[Patent Document 6] Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 2006-69769

Patent Document 6 discloses that the truffle extract is effective in moisturizing the skin and preventing immunosuppression. Patent Document 7 discloses that the truffle extract is effective in promoting secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) secretion, improving immune balance, and anti-hyperlipidemia.

Efficacy and Nutritional Values of Truffles

According to research by the Institute of Medicinal Plants, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, truffles contain active ingredients that are good for your health, such as α-androsterols, ceramides, lump fungal polysaccharides, and volatile ingredients.

A wide variety of trace elements such as zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, iron, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium play important roles in the growth, metabolism, and development of the human body, and their contents can be used for intelligence and emotion. Affects.

Truffles contain many carbohydrates, proteins and fibers, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and the micronutrients vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. It has also been found to contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, lycopene, gallic acid, and homogentisic acid.

In vitro studies have shown that black and white truffles suppress the growth of cancer cells and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an important part of the immune system that helps protect your body from infections and illnesses.

Six Surprising Health Benefits of Truffles

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