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What are Truffles

black truffles

Truffles ("Truffe" in French) are lumps of natural mushrooms that mainly grow along the roots of oak trees, and there are about 40 types, with white and black truffles being the best known in the gastronomic industry. The growth conditions of truffles are sensitive and cannot grow even with slight changes in light, water, or soil acid and alkali levels. The flavor of truffles is very unique, the annual yield is extremely low, and as a high-class ingredient, it is called "kitchen diamond" or "underground gold" in the Western food industry, and it is also known as the world's three major delicacies along with caviar and foie gras. 

In 2007, Stanley Ho, known as Macau's Casino King, won a bid for a 1.5-kilogram white truffle for USD 330,000, and there is a true story that a 78-year-old senior who ate the truffle had a child. .. In addition to being well-established worldwide as a high-class ingredient, truffles are also said to have androgenic and immortal effects, and food and cosmetic materials that ensure quality of life (QOL) through improvement and improvement of living functions. It is attractive as a high-class functional luxury food, and it can be expected that there is a need not only in Japan but also in Western society where the truffle culture is well established. In the past, natural truffles had a rare value, but ST Co., Ltd. was the first in the world to work on artificial culture. Cultured truffles are not only very cost-effective compared to natural truffles, but they also enable reliable scientific data collection due to the stable supply of raw materials and the establishment of quality stability. Providing high-value-added materials backed by the above data will also stimulate product development with the new concept described above.


The most expensive truffle in the world